Product Testimonials

Child's Job Chart

Reusable, colorful and coated. Mark each day with stickers or markers. Gets the job done with a smile. Size 8 ½ x 11

the Child's Job Charts have been very popular with the parents. They are reasonably priced and are reusable.

-Bob Linton, Owner, Teacher's Edition Fredericksberg, VA


Family Job Chart

Complete Family Job System on one chart. Write the person's name above the job to be done. Rotate Weekly.

Wipe-off marker and easy to mount magnets included. Magnetizes right to your refrigerator door. Serves as a convenient and frequent reminder for the entire family.

'The Family Job Chart, women think they are great because it shows that Mom &Dad also have job responsibilities.

-Nancy Del Bosque, Mgr., Learning World, Beaverton, OR


Teaching Children Responsibility

15 pages of work charts, job cards, system cards, checklists, incentives and rewards, ideas for organizing bedrooms and more! Teaches good work habits for children of all ages. A best seller!

The Teaching Children Responsibility Book sells very well

-Leslie Henderson, Teacher Supplies,

Buena Park, CA


Reusable Job Stickers

Create your own job assignments with these adorable JOB Stickers. Apply the desired JOB Stickers to any of our charts. They are already made so you won't need to!

Creative Changes products are very good for the parent market. The Child Job Charts, Create-A-Carts and the Star & Smiley Stickers have been popular because they can be reused time and time again

-Angie Tyson Mgr. Speyer School Supplies Clearwater, FL


Travel Bingo Display

Fun and Educational Bingo. Ideal for traveling kids of all ages. Our reusable rainbow stickers are transparent and colorful for easy review of game boards. Peel and stick stickers work on static cling for many many happy miles. Reminder: Stickers are easily transferred to the job chats. Display includes: 24 License Plate Bingo.

As a dealer, I like their product displays because it allows maximum exposure in a minimum space, Sales are really good.

-Marge Grams, Mgr. A Warren's Educational Supplies, Concord, CA